Issue 6

December 2015

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  1. Value –Based Education in India
    Prof. Bimal Mandal – Page 10
  2. सांस्कृतिक राष्ट्रवाद और हिंदी साहित्य
    डा. नीरज शर्मा – Page 17
  3. An Overview of the Muslim Population of Bengal in the Late 19th And Early 20th Century (1872-1947): Special Reference to Their Origin
    Nasiruddin Molla – Page 24
  4. Role of Physical Exercise and Yoga in Prevention and Treatment of Addictive Diseases
    Dr PP Singh – Page 33
  5. Enid Blyton’s Children Literature in the Light of Piaget & Erickson’s Theories on Child Psychology
    Ghazala Nehal – Page 38
  6. Factors Affecting the Employees’ Job Satisfaction-A Case Study of UPSRTC
    Suman Devi – Page 47
  7. Brand India: Initiatives and Issues
    Pushpa Yadav – Page 61
  8. Food Security Vis-À-Vis Right to Food in Indian Context
    Anjalika – Page 68
  9. इदन्नमम्
    प्रदीप यादव – Page 84
  10. उच्च शिक्षा में विसंगति
    डॉ. हेमन्त कुमार सिंह – Page 86
  11. बाल श्रमिकों की दशाः एक समाज कार्य दृष्टिकोण
    डॉ. राजेश कुमार – Page 92
  12. Library and Literature as an Instituion of Social Change
    Ashwani singh – Page 100
  13. Emerging technologies for Academic libraries in the digital age
    Ganesh Datt Shukla – Page 103
  14. Evolution of Landscape in the Western
    Palamau Upland, Jharkhand (India)
    Dr. Ramchet Singh Yadav – Page 120
  15. Biomass and extracellular-ligno-cellulolytic
    enzyme production by pleurotus species
    Dr. Ram autar – Page 129